The Writer’s Legal GPS

A guide for navigating the legal landscape of publishing

An essential tool for writers, agents, editors, and publishers who want to understand the legal risks and rights associated with publishing.

Overwhelmed by the copyright and trademark arena? Scratching your head over obscure clauses in legal contracts? Anxious about piracy and plagiarism? Through his popular Sidebar Saturdays blog, novelist, freelance writer, and intellectual property attorney Matt Knight has helped countless creatives navigate the legal challenges of the publishing world. Now, he’ll help you avert complicated legal matters so your publishing endeavors soar towards success.

The Writer’s Legal GPS provides you with the knowledge needed to understand complicated U.S. publishing law. Packed with clear and practical information, The Writer’s Legal GPS is organized to be at your fingertips just when you need to make an informed legal decision. Through Knight’s comprehensive handbook, you’ll save valuable time and reduce anxiety over common legal problems everyone in the publishing industry faces. All so you can stay focused on what you do best: creating and publishing written content.

No matter where you are within the publishing realm, The Writer’s Legal GPS is an indispensable legal guide for anyone who wants to succeed. Make sure you have it on your desk. You won’t regret it.

Reviews for The Writer’s Legal GPS

“This brainy, witty, palatable book is a must-have for writers on any rung of the publishing ladder.”

Julia Mary Gibson, author of Copper Magic 

“Matt Knight has given us the definitive, comprehensive guide to author rights and legal pitfalls in the publishing industry. Every writer, whether novice or veteran, indie or trad published, should keep this indispensable tool handy. I know I am!”

V.S. Kemanis, award-winning author of Seven Shadows and Your Pick: Selected Stories

“Sidebar Saturdays has been my first stop for publishing-related legal questions for years. With The Writer’s Legal GPS, all writers now have an invaluable and comprehensive legal resource right at their fingertips.” 

Jennifer Klepper, attorney and USA Today bestselling author of Unbroken Threads

“Clear. Understandable. Full of practical solutions and valuable advice for writers of all genres.”

Michele Montgomery, novelist, personal essay published in the New York Times

“This book is an outstanding resource for all writers, whether aspiring or experienced. The legal analyses are accurate and presented in a readily understandable format.”

Geoff Spellberg, attorney and author of the historical novel Rendezvous

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