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Hello from Sidebar Saturdays – where the practice of law meets the profession of writing every Saturday morning.  Nice to meet you.

We are a group of attorney/writers who share the passion of law and writing. We have extensive legal experience in a broad range of practice areas from both the criminal and corporate sectors. Plus, we write fiction and nonfiction. All of which means, we are driven by demonic compulsion.

Our intent with this blog is to bridge the gap between creative writing endeavors and the law. Often issues of publishing law can be frustrating to understand. Likewise, legal principles in a work of creative fiction can be confusing when it comes to plausibility, effectiveness, and accuracy. Inspired by these concerns, we started Sidebar Saturdays to connect writers to the world of publishing law, and provide guidance in making their fictional legal scenarios realistic.

If you are interested in learning something new about publishing law or need help with a legal question in a scene from a fictional work-in-progress, join the team.  We are here every Saturday.  It is our sincere desire that Sidebar Saturdays become a place for you to learn, share ideas, ask questions, and have fun in the process.

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-The Sidebar Saturdays Team



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